The Hunt – Ch. 1: Championship Caliber | 2022 Offseason | Jacksonville Jaguars

The Hunt begins as Shad Khan invests in Tremendous Bowl-winning head coach Doug Pederson to construct the 2022 Jacksonville Jaguars. Get an unique have a look at Pederson’s first days in Jacksonville and preparation for the NFL Mix.

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Jacksonville Jaguars


  • 4:47 Good Luck with that , hope this sentence age well , cause in this particular moment of history of football the AFC is full of championship tier teams , The Ravens , The Bengals , The Browns , The Bills , The Patriots that are back to being good, The Broncos that have a QB now , The Chiefs that are well… the Chiefs , The Raiders and the Chargers , Hell even the Jets are getting better and the near future the will be a threat , so… well good Luck Coach ! 💪

  • 3:38 does Pederson say ‘Big Josh’ when meeting Josh Allen? A tiny detail perhaps , but what a novelty to have a coach who’s familiar with NFL players…

  • I have a feeling these are going to be more rare this year. Doug doesn't come off as an attention $##$ like another unnamed coach. Not sure he wants the distraction. But we'll see.

  • I have always been kind of a Jags fan but my true loyalties have been to the Atlanta Falcons for the last 20 years… but the last several years have tested my patience with them as they’ve been constant under achievers even at their very best. With that said I’ll always support them and wish them well… but I’ve made the decision to stop dipping my toes into Jags fandom and fully embrace this team that I feel represents me as a person as I’ve always identified as an underdog , just like the Jags… they’ve always been the underdogs , it’s the spirit of their being as it’s the spirit of mine. The Jags are also about 2 hours closer therefore more accessible to go to games. I truly believe this team is going places , I think Trevor will prove to be a great QB under Doug Pederson and his staff , I’m excited about the recent moves , I love this fandom so much as opposed to Falcons fandom which is full of classless and entitled so called fans that have honestly just created a toxic experience online in particular. GO JAGS!

  • Every new coach always starts first introduction with “this city and players want to win”. Ok captain obvious, wtf do you think the point is??

  • never forget 2017 AFC Championship game Jaguars 20 – Patriots 10 4th quarter Myles Jack WAS NOT DOWN should have been 27-10 Jaguars who WOULD HAVE beaten the Eagles in the SB DUVAL COUNTY LETS GO 💪💪

  • We gotta get Trent B out of there tho… I just don’t think this guy knows what he’s doing.

  • Luv these HUNT videos. Great move bringing in the ex Falcons linebacker #54 Foye Oluokun.

  • Jags fans have no clue just yet how lucky they are landing Doug P….the greatest coach in Eagles history as he was the only man able to accomplish the ultimate goal of a Super Bowl. He will do the same in Jax. New fan here….go jags!

  • I'm glad Doug cleared that up for us when saying "it's gotta be about football" Before he clarified that I was thinking that the Jag organization were going to focus on the Alpine Skiing part of it

  • Great hire! I have a feeling he will always fly back with the team. That's a good start.

  • Press Taylor was my highschool quarterback, him and his family are really solid people. Really happy for him

  • I’m getting a much better feeling with Doug Peterson at the beginning than I was with person we shall not be named

  • You guys got a good coach. You got an even better human being. If Trent Baalke stays out of the way, Coach Pederson and Trevor Lawrence can do big things. I officially have three teams that I route for every Sunday… My Philadelphia Eagles, whoever is playing the Dallas Cowboys, and Coach Pederson’s Jacksonville jaguars.

  • Here we go again boys. I've seen this show last year…🤪 and yes I renews my season ticket 🙃🙃🙃

  • Scariest part was they got Trent filtering the pool of players the coaches can pick from. “Collaboration” lmao

  • I hope that the rest of the series is going to be more substantial. I thought this was going to be a series for the real Jaguars fans but, it is just a bunch of clips put together like a hype advertisement. 7:09 without substance is disappointing.

  • Would it be crazy since we got our LT to trade back, draft Kyle Hamilton and sign Hassan Reddick as our Edge. That would fill 3 holes with tier 1-2 players.



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