The Hunt – Ch. 2: Flip The Script | 2022 Offseason | Jacksonville Jaguars

With the teaching employees lastly in place, GM Trent Baalke and HC Doug Pederson usher in a haul of free agent expertise. Because the group prepares for the draft, faces new and previous unite for the primary time for the beginning of offseason exercises. Coach Pederson’s message is easy: maintain the objective in sight and put the work in.

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  • Jags trying to have the weirdest hair WR room? Offseason was a massive success if so with the way Christian and Zay hair looking 🤣 BS aside, healthy Etienne plus another year for Trevor, plus some of those signings and a if they can hit on a couple of this picks and the Jags will be respectable again. Freaky Fred isn't coming through the door but there's enough talent to at least be in the division champs conversation.

  • Love the HUNT during off season wish Atlanta would do something like wise. My two teams let's go!!!

  • About a week and half ago I was on a cruise and we stopped at St Martin Island. Imagine our surprise when we see the Kismet pull up next to the cruise ship. My father walked over to it and asked an older white guy where Shad was and he said Shad had just left in his Limo to go to the airport on the island. It just so happens we saw the Jaguars plane as we were driving by the airport on our excursion. And it turns out the older white guy my dad talked too was more than likely Doug. It was pretty cool.

  • to jag fans i hope kirk is good he can be a monster if he is hot but if he is cold i feel for yall

  • Outstanding video, really well done. Can't wait! Thanks, Kudos to the Jag Media Department.

  • Being a Jags fan is absolutely exhausting 🤦🏽‍♂️ Year after year, we get some guys that come in and say the right thing and then we end up 2-14 🙄

  • Kahn: “What can you tell here that you can’t tell on tape”…..Pretty much sums up why he’s the worst owner in NFL history.

  • Doug pederson just different my boy say put it in your brain we go be playing January and February

  • Kinda wish we would have changed up our whole hype series. The Hunt is cool and all, but when Urban Meyer did it last year and then did what he did it kinda just ruined the vibe and excitement of watching this year’s “the hunt”. Same hype music and stuff, just brings back some memories of that old bum coach

  • Fast forward ..woth the 1st pick in the 2023 draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • “Put it in your head right now…that we plan on playing in January and February.” – Doug Pederson

  • “It’s no mystery that we’re looking for a receiver..it’s a position of need so we’re gonna pay extra attention to it.” – Baalke …Let’s gooooo

  • Anyone else notice Khan is years into ownership and still was being explained what's going on at the combine? Sheesh.

  • I haven’t been this excited for a season maybe ever , we improved this team so much and these guys actually WANT to be here which is refreshing + we have a better coach then we have literally ever had. Let’s hope we nail these draft picks 💪🏽 Hutch/Ekwonu and Pickens/Watson would make me moist

  • Man it’s awesome to see Doug happy again. He was stressed out his last year in Philly to the max. Some of that season falls on him, but it also fell on Wentz and Roseman too. We had a lot of injuries after that SB year and even that year we were banged up a bit, but everything just came together. I think he can do well in Jacksonville and he’s like the antithesis of Urban Meyer as a person.



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