The Jacksonville Jaguars Are Making a HORRIFIC MISTAKE

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  • Trent Baalke has got to be the worst GM alive at the 2022 Combine when the media was trying to get an idea of who he was going to take no hints of coarse but the next thing out of his mouth was that he was open to trading the1st round pick.(Trevor Lawrence) HHHHHEEEELLLLPPPP

  • Trevor really is that good. He just needs to be given a chance. Sooner or later, he will break out with this team or another. Protect yourself, Trevor, your time is coming.

  • All will be defensive bliss if the Jags hire a proven winner like fangio. They will never go to the playoffs but their defense will be stellar.

  • If you think Trevor Lawrence is a once in a decade transcendent talent then you need to stop smoking meth. He’s the worst starter in the league.

  • I’m a die hard Patriots Fan from Massachusetts, I’m so used to Bill Belichick as Head Coach that I almost forgot that Football has Skippers(GMs)…

  • I feel so bad for Trevor!! He should be balling out but yet gets stuck on the jaguars! No offense to the team but they need to hurry and get management right and start drafting a team! Heck bring up Dabo! They clicked in college I’m sure they could click on the NFL! He is one awesome coach! He brought Clemson up from nothing! He had coaches wanting to coach with him which really made him look good! I wish he would try his luck in the NFL! I just think that would be the perfect coach! I know that’s a long shot but I think it would work!

  • "Most transcendent quarterback."

    Trevor Lawrence has never been transcendent. Fuck off with the hyperbole.

  • Agreed, Baalke is the problem. As GM of the Niners, he fired Harbaugh and hired unknown Jim Tomsula. Disaster was predictable.

  • Wouldn't be surprised if Lawrence demands a trade in the next couple years before his contract ends

  • I have a Cowboys fan and I would gladly trade Dak Prescott for Trevor Lawrence.

  • as a jags fan this vid makes me sad… especially because its all true. not mad about pederson hire tho & hopefully balke is on his way out

  • I am happy to tell you I am no longer a jaguars fan. Was looking forward to buying jaguars season tickets. I am 100 percent a Saints fan now.

  • As a Bucs fan I can only hope that Jacksonville fucks up with Lawrence, should make it easier to pick up Lawrence for cheap and put him on our team, see what he can do with some good leadership on top, I mean Jason Licht has worked out pretty damn well for the NFL's historically worst active team.

  • They need to fire GM BAALKE at once notice how the 49ers got better once he was gone from their organization.

  • Trevor is going to be a huge bust. Like JaMarcus Russell, Johnny Manziel, etc. He is a college qb at best.
    Jacksonville's front office is as inept as the Cleveland Browns has been for decades.

  • You gotta stop saying Trevor is one of the greatest prospects we’ve ever seen, yea the guy can ball but he’s been overhyped his whole career and we are seeing one of the most complete prospects ever (Burrow) dominate in year two who absolutely was a better prospect

  • Troy and Katie Blackburn (Bengals long time husband/wife GM) have an even higher miss percentage. Why do you think Joe Burrow has been sacked so many times this year? It's because the Blackburns have been missing on their O-line drafts for the last ten years straight. All they needed to do after 30 years though, was just get lucky one time and draft the right QB.

    BTW, nobody is "can't miss." Nobody. Not even Tom Brady was a can't miss.

  • Leftwich became a legend at Marshall University. Being carried to the line only to throw darts is a tribute to the competitor he is.

  • So was Stafford for years.

    Hey let's ask Sue happy Brian he thinks the jags would tell him to throw a game with this QB ! 🤣

  • Dude what are you talking about. Trevor Lawrence is overrated as crap. I agree the play calling hasn’t been there at times, but that kid misses some throws too often.

    Don’t try saying he doesn’t have good receivers either. He does

  • Lawrence was never as good as what the national idiots made him out to be. Joe Burrow has been a MUCH better NFL QB and Urban Meyer was really their best chance to resurrect the franchise. He was saddled with an overrated QB and a bad defense.

  • Lawrence is overrated. He isn't committed to the game. . If you think Horseman is in the same league as Burrow, Herbert, Lamar, Murray, Mac Jones, or even Tua then you're high.

  • Mike, you should try out for a Renaissance era drama. You could have been cast on "Borgias" or that Medici series….especially with that facial hair.

    Great work on the channel. Keep doing the deep dives……YouTube algo rhythms be damned!

  • -The GM hiring was overshadowed by a super-high profile coach hiring.
    -Makes a bunch of bad draft choices, with a thing for players that had injuries.
    -Front office leaks like a sieve and drama is churned up over the head coach.
    -Team owners side with GM over Coach.
    -Coach is fired in high profile fashion.
    -Vic Fangio is interviewed for the head coaching vacancy.

    So-are we talking about the 49ers of the early 2010's, or the Jaguars now?

  • This owner of The Jaguars doesn't have a 🏈 mind He seems similar to the REAL owner of Marvel Comics Just In It For The 💰 money 💰 😏!! Those are owners who's easy" pickin " 4 football personal with horrible 🏈minds !! The Jags are on their way to be like The NY Jets 😆!! Who wants be affiliated with Gang Green when U take Pro -🏈 seriously 🤣??

  • If Lawrence fails, it'll be because he's been big and strong and never had to work hard, the way Joe Burrow had to. The crappy GM ain't gonna help, but I've been suspicious of Lawrence's work ethic for a couple years. He doesn't have a strong one, Burrow clearly does. Maybe a good QB coach can fix him, but I see a guy who gets sloppy when he gets pressured. A new GM can't fix that.

  • In my 26 years of being a Jags fan I have never felt worse about our leadership. How can anyone hire a guy who wrecked a nfl team, and hired head coach who is a known scum bag. Khan, needs to sell the team or hire someone with experience to manage. Because he obviously doesn’t care about the team.

  • Teams like Pittsburgh and New England are committed to winning and teams like Detroit and Jacksonville arent.

  • Here’s the only thing about Leftwitch. There isn’t a OC in the league that wouldn’t look good with TB12 as they’re QB sooo🤷🏾‍♂️. also I never thought Lawerance was going to be good. I would’ve liked to see how Leftwitch does without Brady other than 1 year before Brady got there cause there was no hype about him then. I’d still like him be the Jags coach n I think he can be good but I wouldn’t have my hopes up.

  • Trent Baalke should never, ever be a GM in the NFL again. Any team that picks him up is foolish, and obviously looking to not do well during his tenure.



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