The Jacksonville Jaguars Chose The Wrong Person…

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  • Okay for those of you guys that didn't sit until the end of the video. "The Wrong Person" isn't a reference to Doug Pederson. Who is actually a pretty decent hire.
    NEW TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MikerophoneNFL

    IG: https://instagram.com/theflightmike

    TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mikerophonenfl

    Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6DmIDve8Wvd_DHAG3e9Uw

    Support the Channel by becoming a member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1gkLFIojYo1TGhZM84rZeQ/join

    NBA Channel: https://youtube.com/theflightmike

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  • I'm pretty surprised Trent Baalke found another job as GM in the NFL after completely trashing a championship caliber team apart. How he got himself hired as a GM again after the shape he left the 49ers in is a mystery to me. I didn't know he was with the Jaguars, now it makes sense why the Jaguars are in such bad shape.🤔

  • Little late for that opinion. Did you say this before the draft, when most self-proclaimed experts had him in Hall of Fame when he retires?

  • Doug Peterson is a good coach I think he will lead the Jaguars to a 9-8 record but its unlikely. This coming from an Eagles fan.

  • Just need to ask any 49ers Fan how ecstatic we were to see Trent Baalke exit the organisation……man is a garbage.

  • Everyone blows Cincy’s front office for having the “genius” to draft Chase, but when the Jags do the same exact thing in an era where everyone not named Tennessee uses two RBs it’s a bad move?

  • The Jacksonville box rooms smells like curry. Rumor is the owner also uses those rooms as Telemarketer call centers.

  • As a life long Niner Fan I can say that Baalke is a fantastic head of scouting but god awful as a GM. All he wants is wingspan and likes his injury redshirt rookies. He’s pretty good at stockpiling draft pick though, so there is that.

  • I highly doubt tanking the last game of the season was Doug’s call. That decision most likely came from Howie Roseman and/or Jeffrey Lurie.

  • The only thing I remember about Jim Caldwell is he sat all of his starters when the Indianapolis Colts were 15 and 0. Then they lost that game and missed out on having a perfect season. And they were so affected by that stupidity they lost in the playoffs as well.

  • Dougie had the best job ever when he was Favre’s backup. made millions and never had to play

  • Byron Leftwich was NEVER the frontrunner. You should take this post down in light of Shad Khans interview from yesterday. If you don't, you'll sound like a fool that really doesn't know what he's talking about. Who in hell are you, anyway ? Exactly what gives you the confidence to say the dumb-ass things you say about the Jaguars ? Is it your m.o. in life to kick people when their down ? What kind of twisted pleasure do you get out of routinely trashing the Jacksonville Jaguars ? Do you rely on common sense or do you just take whatever rumors come your way and run will them ? Personally, I think you ain't so muckin' futch and you should really spend more time on your show-prep ( if you have any ) so maybe you can be taken seriously by people who matter.

  • niner fan hear…..the gm sucks….dont get why they hired him when he pretty much tried to ruin the niners because of his ego.

  • This reminds me of the Packers after the departure of Lombardi. They tried hiring within, getting former players (Starr, Gregg) and making some really stupid mistakes when drafting. It wasn't until they scrapped the entire structure, brought in Ron Wolf, who hired Holmgren and traded for Favre that the team turned itself around. This also seems to be happening in Houston, where management falls for someone like Jack Easterby, and the franchise starts falling apart. In Jacksonville, it's Baalke. Why? Who knows? How did Matt Millen last so long in Detroit?

  • I agree it’s a weird fucking hill to die on but it’s not the only situation in which an owner is doing this if you’re an Eagles fan you know that there is no reason for Howie Rosemanto be employed anymore

  • I watched Lawrence play and it is not so much a head coach issue he just does not have Pro level talent.

  • Cowboys fans don’t know good coaches when they see them Doug Peterson won a super bowl in Philly and wasn’t carried by Aaron Rogers

  • Baalke has to have some kind of dirt on Kahn, that’s the only explanation. Seriously though my brother is an obnoxious 49er fan and after the 2012 season where they went to the super bowl they had 11 and 12 picks in back to back drafts including and unprecedented 10 in the first 3 rounds. I was cursing myself knowing I was gonna have to hear about a 49er dynasty for years to come, Baalke destroyed it via fighting with the coach, choosing a pathetic replacement, and wasting most of those picks.

  • Dougy p got my eagles a ring so I would say this is a terrible signing I don’t think that season was a fluke but yeah jags are ass so we will see



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