The Jacksonville Jaguars owner Basement Billionaire Shahid Khan immigrated to the U.S. with $500

Shahid Khan From Pakistan to pro-football –

Shahid Khan the Basement Billionaires Inc welcomes you to our metropolis. We’re in full help and look ahead to you contacting us @ BBillionaires@gmail.com. You characterize what we consider in and that’s coming from the bottom up.

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Key: who’s the proprietor of the jacksonville jaguars

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  • i miss you why you hurt me why you dissappear I'm waiting for you not open you tube recovery email not working enjoy see this

  • Lol, anyone can be a host these days. I did train this man before letting him interview people.

  • He’s a horrible owner. He doesn’t give a damn about us fans! It’s all about the Benjamin’s.

  • 9:35 Don't get mad at the immigration officials trying to keep America safe. Get mad at the action of your fellow, "peaceful" muslims in the Taliban, ISIS and other fun social clubs in the middle east. Their actions caused the air of suspicion. Like they say. "A few hundred million bad muslims spoil it for the whole bunch".

  • Does he hire dealers for his auto parts or only sells parts wholesale directly to auto dealerships

  • I really enjoy this man. Love his look. Love his accent. Love his personality. Would be an excellent boss.

  • I'm white and 60 not that it matters but in my eyes that is what you call a true gentleman and he is living the epitome of the American dream intelligence hard work and a little luck, and damn is he a nice guy unlike some people that we know of… That come from money

  • Very wise man. My mother always says that when someone has a problem with you it's not about you, it's about them.

  • I respected this man way before I knew that he was an Illini. Now the respect has just exponentially increased. I’m a freshman at UIUC and I hope that I can at least be half as respectable as him.

    P.S : I-L-L

  • all that money and it doesnt look like there is a single person around him that would stay if he didnt have it

  • We India have many Muslim more successful than Shahid Khan But nobody called them terrorist because they are Indian.

  • What outlets were those that said those bad things about him???
    I wanna know so I can personally boycott them.
    I’m not a huge fan of the Muslim religion because of parts that make it seem ok or a requirement to physically harm other human beings.. and hate the people that carry out those acts.

    But this man is not one of those people.. so I could care less about what religion he believes in, I judge him by his actions.
    His actions and personality are great 👍🏼!!! He is such a cool owner, probably one of the coolest, hardest working, down to earth NFL team owners ever!!!

  • I have a lot of friends who bag on the Jags. But with an owner like that, who came from seemingly nothing, and made something of himself. I'm sure he can do the same with the team. And it's great to see he's making it happen. I love people who can do that.

  • I love his reaction to being detained "their intentions are good" and he is right. It is nothing personal. They just needed to make sure everything was ok. He NEVER plays the victim card. Meanwhile, his interview is offended by it.

  • The Jags had a great season last year and are doing well so far this year, good on them. And Fulham got promoted to the EPL in England last year but so far this year are not doing the best but still early days.

  • I love this story because it's the one that Donald Klump was trying to stop no sooner than he took office, "Build The Wall!!"and Khan said he voted for Klump? ..strange?. Now if I may digress ..it begs the question in my mind, "why is it that when these gentlemen and Women from third worlds come to America Like Eddie Murphy and make a Boat load of money, "Have you seen Khan's Yacht? " quite impressive..I've seen these folk Make billions as business moguls , Doctors, lawyers, engineers of mechanical and computer Science, etc…but never go back home and build schools, Hospitals, affordable housing, public bathrooms for crying out loud, great you came here made money and a name for yourself but complete the cycle, take it back home and help someone else out of the garbage and broken glass of their dreams.



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