The Jaguars should be in the playoffs next year – Mike Tannenbaum 👀 | Get Up

Jeff Saturday, Dan Graziano, Mike Tannenbaum, Domonique Foxworth and Mike Greenberg debate on whether or not the Chicago Bears or Jacksonville Jaguars’ teaching opening is extra interesting.

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Key: who received jacksonville jaguars sport as we speak


  • Hey man, as a Jags fan, I say, they should drug test that guy lol

    But I do hope he is right! I wish for a better season and it does start with believing that you can do it so, give some of faith to the team, especially after that big loss.

  • Honestly to me, they are a sleeping giant. They just need to find the right guy. Cause for some reason, people don't see the talent. Trevor Lawrence might end up going crazy next year. A lot of qbs have rough first years

  • The reason why Jacksonville is a more desirable job than Chicago is they’re most likely going to own the #1 pick again while Chicago traded their top 10 pick to the giants… plus Jacksonville has 12 picks including 2 high 3rd round picks.

  • He knows davante is signing where ever Aaron Rodgers signs.if Rodgers was staying davante would have signed already

  • While Dominique has 1 job watch football we all saw trevor Lawrence making plays with nothing

  • Trevor Lawrence hasn't thrown a touchdown in 7 games and has looked horrendous along with Justin fields. But yet the only one being attacked as a bust by the media and fans is Zach Wilson lmao

  • Tannenbaum: If you don’t want a coach all in ya videos, dancing all on the sideline, COME TO JACKSONVILLE

  • Mike Tanenbaum is possibly the worst analyst on this show. You can tell why he is out of the league

  • Adams isn’t coming to Jax but Allen Robinson and dj chark would make a good combo

  • Why hasn’t ESPN covered University of Pennsylvania, Lia Thomas a transgender swimmer who is shattering women’s records???

    She could go on to not only smash all Women’s collegiate records but also women world swimming records. There is not one story from ESPN on any of it’s shows

    Is ESPN transphobic ?? Where did all of ESPN wokeness go?

    If this is the end of Women collegiate sports as defined in Title 9 than this is a major sports story and ESPN should be covering it!

  • Jacksonville is clearly the better opening. I don't know that they can make the playoffs next year or that they are the Warriors, but there's a big opportunity there. The defence will still be an issue, but if they get the right coach for Lawrence, that offence should be good.

  • This is why nobody watches ESPN. They say this stuff for clicks. I'll admit it, they got me. Lol.

  • As a jags fan, I can easily say we will not be in the playoffs. We always find a way to mess it up every year. I'll be happy if we win 4 games next year…

  • The black guys tout the black players/coaches
    And the white guys vise versa.
    I've noticed this. Esp Marcus Spears.

  • If you get my dog Trevor some receivers he is going to ball out. He is throwing to Tavon Austin in Laquon Treadwell bro with no head coach, bad offense line terrible wide receiver coaching. If you saying Trevor is a bust you dumb af. Won’t be surprised if a 2017 year comes our way next year. DTWD

  • I would love to see it. Byron Leftwich could boost Trevor Lawrence's quarterback play

    I would love to see the Jaguars in the playoffs next year

    But will it happen. Who knows?

  • Dude clearly never followed Jacksonville. They have the worst ownership and gm combo. It’s the owner and the multiple gms they had they made great players like jalen Ramsay leave.



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