The Sarasota Seamen WIN A GAME!

In episode 4 of the Sarasota Seamen Madden NFL 07 sequence (operating on the Nintendo GameCube lol), Bus Jibber, John Mike Peter and the gang signal some new free brokers and find yourself successful the primary sport ever in Seamen historical past! It wasn’t simple although.

00:00-03:17 Intro/Signing Free Brokers
03:17-12:49 Sarasota @ Dallas
12:49-14:16 Signing Extra Gamers
14:16-25:31 Jacksonville @ Sarasota
25:31-29:49 Taking a look at Recreation Stats and Round The League

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Key: how far is sarasota from jacksonville



  • Hey, any chance you'd try the same concept in Head Coach or Head Coach 09?
    Love the vid!
    Go Seamen!

  • i love your content but your decision making…holy shit its like your in panic mode constantly it should be impossible to lose that game up 38 or what ever its ok to run clock but the ADHD is strong with this one

  • This makes me want to break out the XBOX and fire this up. I went so deep into franchise mode and never got tired of it. The myplayer mode was super dope as well. The last great madden 🙃

  • Matthew 5:48
    Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

  • Love this series!! Only suggestion I would give is to have some of the game audio in if possible? Even just the crowd audio and ref whistles would put the pacing and hype of these videos over the edge. 10/10 great content <3

  • Some of these generated players have last names from EA Staff members like Iczer Addis, and Eric Zala.

  • Florida Four: Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and the newly formed Sarasota Seamen

  • Strategy on beating the tennessee titans:
    Qb:You're probably going to be playing against volek. (Put pressure on him of at all possible.If vince young plays, hopefully he'll make more throwing mistakes.)
    Rb:Be careful of the titans running backs. Chris brown is a pretty decent power back and he has pretty good break tackle ability.(travis henry can also break tackles, but he's more of a balanced running back.)
    Fb: troy Fleming isn't very special, but his speed is decent and he can catch a pass out of the backfield.
    Wr: david givens is a very decent possession wide receiver.
    Be careful of drew bennett. He's 6'5 and can catch pretty well. He's almost like a tight end with his speed. (Granted, his speed is on the high end of tight ends.)
    Te: Erron kinney is very slow, but can block and catch.
    Ben troupe is a pretty quick tight end who could end up giving your safeties some trouble.
    Not much to really say. Their one weakness in their offensive line is david stewart(as long as they didn't sign someone there.) His overall is a 74.
    Le: Stay away from Kyle vandenbosh. He's slow, but he may stuff the run.
    Re: Attack heavily. Travis leboy and antwan odom are middle of the road players. Not particularly fast and not anything of note in power either.
    Dt: Albert Haynesworth is gonna be a problem if you're running at him. He's very strong.
    Same issue applies to Randy starks, but not to the same extent.
    Lolb: david thorton isn't exceptionally fast, but very reliable and very aware. (He can catch too.)
    MLB: peter Simon is average speed, but a very good tackler. He's gonna be an issue running up the middle. (Although the defensive tackles will be a problem first.)
    Rolb: Stay away from Keith bulluck. He's fast. He tackles very well. He's a very aware player. He catches too.
    Cb: I'd recommend throwing deep on reynold hill if you can. His speed is 89 and can you can use that to your advantage with the wife receivers you have. Don't throw the ball at pacman jones or andre woolfolk. I think both their speed is 96 and I think only bus can catch either one of them. (Do run the ball at pacman and andre though. They're not very good tacklers.)
    Fs: lamont thompson can catch, so I'd be careful throwing where he's at if you're looking for completions in front of him.(Try the deep ball on him if reynold hill is covering your second wide receiver.)
    Ss: Don't do any trucking around chris hope. He's a hard hitting safety. He can be beat on the deep ball as well though.)

    I have 2 small recommendations:
    1. Try running some counters in the strong-I or big-I
    2. Put your running back in motion to try and get a 1 on 1 with the strong or free safety. They're both slower than your running back.



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