Population density can be really beautiful I guess
Recreating historical battles

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  1. I also hate long flights!
    They are just unbearable & it gets sooo boring! 😒

    Any flight longer than 6 hrs is a big NO-NO for me. I'd rather take 3 short flights than a long 6hrs+ flight.

  2. 5:10 the reason ships were sunk so close to the us boarder is because all the advice the british gave the americans on how to deal with the u-boat threat was completely ignored as the man in charge of the us fleets "didnt like the british", consequently u-boat would sit between the beach and the ships coming out of port (so that any stray torpedoes didnt hit the beaches). crowds of americans on the beaches of the east coast were able to watch in horror as ships just out of port were immediately sunk by u boats right against the coast

  3. The Hanover one you can find in the city hall of Hanover. Hanover had a lot of industry during the war and therefore was destroyed.

  4. The reason Scandinavians make fun of Swedes: we’re kinda assholes (Swedes) and usually just think we are the best at everything. Go to Stockholm and tell me how many things are named “…of Scandinavia”. But being Swedish myself I gotta say I think it’s because they’re jealous we got the best country.

  5. 10:58
    Italian: Heya Mario! Look at me talka with a my hands!

    Other Italian: laughs in Italian That's a true! Us Italians really are a like that!

  6. All I know is that we swedes joke a lot about norwegians like this joke "Varför var de tre vise männen inte från Norge, jo de kunde inte hitta några" Which translates to "why aren't the three wise men from norway, they couldn't find any" but i'm not sure what the surrounding countries joke about. Idk if norway should actually be the Swedish one since i know that there are a lot of jokes between the places in sweden so people from Stockholm likes to joke about skåne (southern sweden that was historrically ruled by denmark) just being crappy danes etc.

  7. It's fun how none of the countries in Europe make jokes about my country: The Netherlands. I think there is just nothing to joke about. Maybe they are scared

  8. 11:34
    Belgians don't make fun of the French people, we make fun of either the Netherlands OR the other half of the country. Belgium has three main languages spoken, Dutch, French and German and we are all sort of split up and we make fun of the part of the country that speaks a different laguage. I live in Flanders (Flanders is the Dutch speaking part of Belgium) and trust me, we only make fun of the Dutch or the people living in Wallonia (Wallonia is the French speaking part of Belgium). Cuz Wallonian and Flamish people…. just don't get along.

  9. In Finland we totally make fun of Sweden mostly. Some reasons are that Swedish is still our second official language and we have a long-standing friendly competition in ice hockey. Also I guess people were more open about homosexuality there before us which has been a source of many jokes.

  10. Masochism challenge:
    Every time i don't see my country i pull a tooth out when my teeth run out i will start pulling my finger nails off and when the nails run out i will start stabbing myself with needles anyone who wants to participate too leave a comment or like !!!

  11. 2:42 I died here 😂 I had to read as homework two detailed papers about that famine, and I was like, sure, but when I’m gonna use this extremely specific info. Well it turns out I use it to meme

  12. There is probably a correlation between making jokes and threat perception. Most countries like to make jokes of rivals and in the context of Scandinavia for example Sweden was the most dominant military power for many centuries. It controlled all of Finland for large parts of that countrys history, took a third of Denmarks land (yes pretty much the southern quarter of todays Sweden was Danish territory) and was in a "union" with Norway which Sweden essentially controlled.

    The Icelanders were similarly controlled by the Danes for many centuries so their jokes have revolved around Denmark.

  13. The Hannover map is actually an exhibit in the Hannover city hall, and yes that's all that was left after the war.

  14. You DO have similar climates. West Europe is far warmer than comprable latitudes in North America and Asia because of the GULF STREAM. Coastal west Europe is known as MARINE climate.


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