this is what living in jacksonville, florida is like

telling my expertise of what it is prefer to stay in jacksonville florida.

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how many individuals stay in jacksonville

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  • I don't know who told you the thing about palm trees but that's definitely not true lol.

  • Thank you for this video. I'm from South Florida and looking to move with my wife and kids. How is Orange Park FL? How is it in terms of livability and racial diversity?

  • glad you made this vid, im from chicago looking to move to Fl and every vid i see they talk about how dangerous it is. coming from my city i know i cant be that bad and tbh you confirmed that.

  • Worst city I've ever been to. Dirty and run down. Homeless people everywhere. Drug infested. Pure nasty

  • Yeah there are dangerous parts of Jacksonville, but it's limited to certain pockets of the city. If you know what areas to avoid, then you'll be pretty safe. You're spot on about it being laid back. I have to say, as a whole, Jacksonville is pretty laid back for the city of its size. And as far as the food, there really is a ton of variety. You can stick to major chains, but there local places that amazing (ie, Spliff's Gastropub, Super Food and Brew, and Bread and Board, downtown)

  • As long as you stay in your lane in Duval, your good here. And only certain palms are imported (the tall Cali palms).

  • I’m a Florida native for 50 years. Palm trees do grow here. In fact they grow in the wild down here. You can see em in the woods and growing by the water ways. They’re everywhere. Now they may purchase certain other types of palm trees to plant in newly developed shopping areas but they do grow here

  • Palm tree do grow down here.I have three wild ones in my yard and so do the neighbors

  • Jacksonville is pretty bad not terrible but is bad on the actual hood sides like northwest The south n all. But 70% of murders are unsolved there

  • I live in Jacksonville and I love it, trust me, I came from Eastside Detroit, it is a big difference!!! Living here for 11 years has been the best thing I have done, Detrout is a wasteland!

  • coming from a Jacksonville fl female it really depends where you stay at Jacksonville has some dangerous parts because i live in the hood and it's not good at all. the best advice i can give people that's not from here. is just to stay in your lane mind your damn business and also don't try to fit in and be some you not because that's what going to make you end up dead somewhere

  • dude where did you live before moving to Jax/ unless youre comparing Jax to like….Chicago or maybe LA it's massively violent here. I have lived here all my life and i'm telling you, people get shot here just going to get groceries. I don't know where you moved from but jax IS dangerous……and nasty. The air here stinks and housing is very expensive and hard to fine now inn 2021.

  • The traffic during rush hour is the most dangerous. Our football team is 3rd rate. Even though we got Tom Brady this year. It is a good place for music. Beaches are great. Hannah Park beach is the best.

  • Well I’m coming from Albany and I work in the medical field… this video helps me decide between Cali and here. One of our MDs works out of Jacksonville and I’m low key eager to meet him in person (he’s a neuro genius) -and possibly get hired haha

  • I've been thinking of moving my family there, saw statistics about it being dangerous and it made me a lil nervous. I did visit there a few years ago tho it didn't seem as dangerous as where I was coming from (Southside of Atlanta)

  • How is the diversity?? I live in south Florida now and we’re thinking of moving to Jax! I just want to know if I’ll “fit in” there hahah! Coming from down south there’s so much diversity it’s crazy! Would hate to move there and not love it.

  • Actually, there are different species of palm trees, some of them are actually native to Florida, and others are shipped from Asia and south America. California only has one species, Florida has far more natural palm trees than California does.

  • Based on the tables provided by the official FBI website, based on population size,, Jacksonville is safer than Orlando at least!

  • those white folks might me NICE but ask them if they support reparations for black folk😬😬… after you get cursed out and get told that you were never a slave and they they they never owned slaves, yiu will see how white people REALLY feel about your black body.😤

  • I lived in Jacksonville, FL for 6 years of my life, I loved it but my family missed home ( Hawaii ) . Some how I live in houston, tx now. But miss j-ville

  • I lived in Jacksonville for almost 3 years I lived in Florida my entire life when I went to Jacksonville I learned a few things right at the gate. 1 Duval county is huge 2 you're different areas in Jacksonville new and old 3 racism is rampant in Jacksonville area especially downtown and the area surrounding downtown. A lot of times the old rundown areas or bad neighborhoods were gangs and thugs live and hang out. my advice for you if you come to Jacksonville Florida stay away from bad hoods and old run down areas cuz they are a breeding ground for shootings robberies and everything in between. I'm not racist and I'm white but what I've seen if you are right and you live on south side or downtown the black community can be racist towards you and even pro upon you as far as asking for money I thinking that you have something that they wantand they think they can't have it because they not white so they going to look at you as a threat to them they may not say that but the way they liked speaks louder than any words they can say. Oh that's another thing if anyone ask you for money don't do it don't give him money won't you give him money they will not go away they will keep bothering you.

  • I am considering relocating to Jacksonville with my job. I would like to live in a decent area, most preferably st John's Town Center which is close to the office since i do not have a car. What would you concider a decent salary to live well in this area? Thanks.

  • Dangerous?!? Lol I was surprised when you said that. Everywhere has bad areas but no it’s a gorgeous city, it’s a clean place and people are friendly. I grew up here and moved to Birmingham Alabama and I’m here visiting in Jax now and I’m dying to move back 😭



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