Top 10 reasons NOT to Move to Jacksonville, Florida. It's not the worst city, but still.

Best 10 causes NOT to Transfer to Jacksonville, Florida.

This used to be a difficult one. Jacksonville is not horrible, so those are belongings you will have to know earlier than you progress to Jacksonville.
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what’s the present time in jacksonville florida

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  • I went to the recent Elton John concert, and I didn't see even one black person in the audience of almost 15,000. I did think that was a little unusual. Granted, I couldn't see every single person from where I was sitting. It definitely has more of a Southern/down home vibe than I'm used to, but that's okay. The roads are what might keep me from ever wanting to move there. I'm sure I'd learn them, but as an outsider, they seem like they were designed by a crazy person. I guess they kept adding more and more and more roads over the years, and that's the end result. Miss your one-way turn on the one-way road you're on and you're screwed, lol. I grew up in Broward County, which has some traffic but roads that make more sense.

  • It's boring, even at the beach. It's sprawling. It's full of weird Christian sects and yahoos of all sorts. Public services are basically non-existent. But it's not too far from St. Augustine and Savannah which are both pretty nice.

    Edit: The smell! I forgot about that. The swamp funk didn't bother me, but what turned my stomach after a few years was the Maxwell House factory downtown and the San Marco neighborhood. The whole place would stink like burnt coffee. Absolutely nauseating after a while.

  • I live here and y'all, it ain't worth it. I've lived all over Florida and up north and this is the worst place I've ever lived. It just feels like it isn't getting better.

  • Lives in Jacksonville my whole life since 1995. Went to Wolfson high school. There may be some racist people down south past mandarin but I never experienced it or has any feelings experience it that I know. There are unfortunately always gonna be some racist people in America but there are no racial tensions in any way.

  • Ok So I Live In Jacksonville Im Born In It And I am used to anything Although the smells and traffic but Im use to it so I go over that bridge because that's where my home is

  • You have a very interesting opinion! Thank you!

    Personally, we really like it here in Jacksonville. Just like any city, it has pros and cons. But since Zillow named it #2 hottest city for relocation nationwide, we think it has more cons so far

  • Low key not true and wtf u mean wildfires and the way u talking is kinda racist show some black ppl dam cuh

  • I lived there for 16 years, was so glad to leave, the crime is so horrible, not the place it was in the late 90s not a place to raise kids

  • NYC transplant here at Jax beach. Except for the swamp smell, I disagree with everything. Still a fan though.

  • OK so here's my take I lived in Jacksonville for almost 10 years and I always heard the locals whining about the traffic and the crime rate and I just laughed my ass off I had moved there from Charlotte North Carolina and believe me when I tell you there's no comparison Jacksonville is an absolute paradise, I never felt unsafe walking around Jacksonville at night however I never would do that in North or West Charlotte. The weather in Jacksonville is amazing the schools are so much better than CMS The people are a lot friendlier it is a lot safer and a lot prettier and they have got an absolutely amazing zoo And had an amazing water park called adventure landing that I used to love to go to and it was even smaller than Charlotte which has a metropolitan area of almost 3 million people compared to Jacksonville which is just over one million. Jacksonville was an amazing city and I definitely miss it but living in Myrtle Beach isn't too bad

  • This video is a gross misrepresentation of what its like in Jacksonville.

    I'm a native. Highly disagree with the content of this video. He obviously has some other reason for fabricating the lies in this video.

    Can't even begin to list the items to discredit this clip.

    The photos from this video mostly not from jax.
    Huge waste of time watching a bunch of exaggerated non sense.

    Welcome to jax.

  • You’re right about the humidity. Other than that you’re way off on everything else. I’ve lived in Denver Colorado for twenty years and every time I’d turn on 9 News there was a shooting, body found, convenient store robbed, prostitution ring busted. That was an average report on the local news in Denver. The crime rate in Denver is eighty percent higher than the national average. Higher than Jacksonville. Housing in Denver is way more than in Jacksonville. School shootings are way more prevalent in the Denver metro. Remember Columbine? I’ve lived in JAX for about twenty years. Denver winters can be harsh, cold and humid. Yes I said it. Way more homeless in the Denver metro. Marijuana has created a huge influx of the homeless in the Denver Metro.

  • I've lived in Jacksonville most of my life and never experienced any racial tension. Jax is filled with diversity, even our law enforcement is very diverse.

  • Planning on moving to Jax, and reading the comments, alot of people don't agree with some of the topics you cover. I still think it's beautiful and a great place for my family

  • Jacksonville had a high school named after the founder of the KKK for decades. It only changed the name about five years ago or so.



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