Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Tallahassee, Florida. (It's no Orlando)

High 10 Causes NOT to maneuver to Tallahassee, Florida. (It is no Orlando)
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Right this moment we’re doing one other “NOT to maneuver right here” movies. Let me offer you my little disclaimer.
All states, cities, and cities have their good and their unhealthy. They’ve execs and cons.
On these “Not To” movies, we deal with the negatives that individuals may need to find out about earlier than they transfer someplace. If you wish to see simply the great, contact an actual property agent or go to the town’s tourism web site. It’s nothing however rainbows, smiles, and sunshine with them.
These movies aren’t designed to inform you to not transfer someplace, they’re simply displaying you some issues it is best to find out about in case you are desirous about shifting to these locations. Not everyone seems to be searching for the identical kind of place to stay. The instance I like to present is that if a spot has a low value of dwelling, excessive unemployment and unhealthy colleges it’s in all probability extra suited to a retiree. Retirees aren’t searching for jobs or colleges, They only desire a low value of dwelling. Whereas a younger couple with children will need good colleges and job market.
So, who’re we talkin about right this moment? Tallahassee, Florida.
Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and is dwelling to simply beneath 200k with solely about 385k within the metro space.

In case you take pleasure in these movies I’d love to listen to about it. Most of those movies are made to assist people who find themselves desirous about relocating, searching for actual property, or simply eager to find out about the US. We take a look at the very best and worst cities, states, cities, and neighborhoods in the US. However, more often than not deal with the unfavourable aspect of areas. In case you solely need some completely happy optimistic details about a metropolis, city, or state, I’d recommend wanting up native mortgage and actual property corporations or possibly the areas web site. They’re attempting to promote you one thing so will probably be nothing however sunshine, rainbows and a bunch of smoke up your skirt. They will not inform you about crime, poverty, bail bondsmen, or insurance coverage you may want due to pure disasters. I’ll. And I’ll attempt to make it entertaining.

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  • I lived in Tallahassee from 1992-1995 and it was awesome. I lived in Ox Bottom Manor which is a nice suburb outside city limits but I would frequent the city throughout the week. I spent quite a bit of time in and out of the bars on Tennessee Ave as I'm a musician. One of my favorite spots was Bullwinkles and an old bar called Hole In The Wall that is located off of 5th and Monroe. I was a part of the origins of the band Creed formerly called "Maddox Creed" 1992 while I resided there. Game days weren't bad unless you had errands to run by the campus (FSU). I had driven through French Town a few times and had heard it was a bad part of town but never witnessed anything or experienced anything negative. Just poor folk hanging around street corners sometimes. Being a long time resident in Phoenix, Arizona the traffic in Tallahassee was nothing at all compared to home. I remember December 1992 there in Tallahassee and it was extremely cold. Summer's were hot and humid and during the summer months friends and I would cruise down to Panama City Beach for the weekend since it was a few hours away. However I was in my early 20's and living life by the seat of my pants. Still have family there and some great memories.

  • I lived in Tallahassee for 14 years and this is the dumbest video ever. Yes, when there is a football game, you stay out of the FSU area but that’s just a small area in town and there are plenty other places to go. Yes, the traffic can be annoying but the comments about I-10 are ridiculous. It’s a highway, just like other and I never had an issue. Alligators? Really? Saw one maybe once my whole time there. They are way more prevalent in south FL. Anyway, just kind of a silly video with way too many ads. I would say the main purpose of this video is to earn income for guy who made it.

  • Ok umm it depends if ur on that side of town there are always ways to het around and short cuts so it not impossible to get anywhere!!!

  • Stop tallahasse is a beutifull city to live i moved from Washington dc 15 years ago and i love to live in tally and is many things to do around ..love this city

  • It feels like those who feel offended are Tallahassee natives. pls work harder and make money so ur afforded an air plane ticket to see other cities around the world.
    1. Poor urban planning:roads don't even line up when you pass traffic lights
    2. Dead Economy: vacant shops all over the city
    3. 32304 area are the worst, only life essential services that you can find there
    4. Gap of wealth. ppl say Tally is good maybe all from the north or northeast side of the city. Even fhe publix in that areas is much better than 32304 area.
    5. The traffic is not bad. But the driver are the worst. And don't blame the college new drivers, there are tons of DUI drivers on the road.
    6. Inside of Tallahassee has no activities. Restaurants close early. Ppl just smoke weed all the time, and that is why every blocks in Tallahassee have a smoke shop.
    7. No bicycle lanes, some road has no side walk.
    8. Driver on the road without insurance, so go purchase uninsuranced motorist car insurance if u planning to drive around here.
    9. Food here sucks. No competition happening here, so the food price is higher than bigger cities. Many food here is not authentic, and locals didn't know it.
    10. No opportunities here. Even colleges here doesn't have a good learning environment.
    Feel sorry for people who lived there entire life here.

  • Fun fact about Tallahassee: nearby Wakulla Springs was being eyed by “Project X” Walt Disney’s plan to expand his theme park in Florida. Imagine how different Tallahassee would be today if wakulla springs ended up with Disney World!!!

  • Well dang no wonder the houses are cheaper there. There is a jewelers school there that I’d like to go to but the crime rate makes me nervous. Myself I pill be fine my wife and kids I worry about.

  • these are all false accusations lived in tallahssse my whole he know nothing about tallahassee As A Floridian I’m Offended 😭

  • Florida is the only one state I’ve known that has a city that is 10 times cooler than the capital city

  • People from Tallahassee drive through Crawfordville to get to the beach which is about 45 min from tally. Crawfordville it’s self is basically the country side of Tallahassee because the people always go backwards and forward from the two places

  • I live about 2 hours west of Tallahassee and i can promise you that you will see gators but its not anywhere near as bad or dramatic as he made it out to be. If anything fear walking up on a bobcat with an attitude, thats terrifying lol

  • One thing I'd add is the neighborhood structure from what I've seen.
    I visit Tallahassee from time to time since I was a kid. Recently going out on my own, I noticed how the neighborhoods r structured aren't that appealing, it's like it's mixed in with the city and there's traffic on the neighborhood road. That's like the only reason it made me unsure of moving there

  • Moved in to Tallahassee from Fort Worth on April Fool's Day. Fort Worth is much more populous, industrious, and a very nice town. However, I didn't enjoy my pipes busting in the apartment and not having fresh water for over a week because of the big freak winter storm. In Fort Worth the Winter Freak Storm comes every 5 to 6 years, and believe me he is coming back. I didn't enjoy the 106 car pile up in downtown Fort Worth in February of 2021, which killed 7 and injured many more. So It is warmer now in Tallahassee, I had no trouble finding a job, and haven't seen any 106 car pile ups. I love the hilly aspect of the city sort of a down south San Francisco without the feces on the streets. Bars, parks, restaurants, big box stores are plentiful. People say it is boring here, but I have lived in Tampa and the negatives are greater than Tallahassee. Yes, we don't have a big airport, but since I am traveling, just drive to Tampa International and suck up the distance. If you are a movie star, or politician you can suck up the cost of flying in to Tallahassee. We had a tropical storm in September, rained for three days, then the sun came out. I actually love it here. The homeless are nice, and they only want a dollar and often times security is provided near the gas stations along I-10. In Fort worth if you have 150k to 250K 3 bedroom house you will pay $400 plus a month just to have the fun of owning a home you worked your whole life to get. I don't want to talk about any more benefits of Tallahassee because frankly, well….you will stampede here and make it worse. There is a beach down there by St. Mark's lighthouse which is also picturesque and numerous boat ramps. Enjoy the thugs in Frisco dumping toxic biological hazards and be sure to Thank Nancy Pelosi. Hopefully nobody cuts out your gizzard as you amble back to the hotel with your dried apples you bought at the farmer's market. We love our Governor DeSantis. He is a nice man.

  • You nailed it, one thing the heat is the worst there because it is landlocked, lived there for 12 years after attending FSU. Left because of you number 2 and number 1 and the oppressive heat

  • I live in Tallahassee, the traffic is only bad around the campus, it’s not that bad in the rest of the town. Nothing like Tampa, Miami or Jacksonville. I also wouldn’t say we have that many homeless, yes you see them but it’s not an excessive number. Employment is mostly state gov jobs, which sucks because the state never gives raises (like not in a decade). LOL and he makes it sound like alligators are walking down the side walk … you don’t see them unless you’re on a lake or pond. I agree there’s not a lot to do here … most venues go to Jacksonville or Tampa and not us.

  • For over 15 yrs I’ve referenced Tallahassee Florida as” THE ARMPIT OF HELL!!!!”

  • Fsu is NOT the only college in Tallahassee there is the top HBCU called FAMU that is usually overlooked by white channels… SMH

  • I’m about to move from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee but I’ve been afraid that it has nothing to do up there. There’s tons of amusement parks and one of the largest malls in the country in Fort Lauderdale but I hear absolutely nothing from Tallahassee aside from how boring it is….

  • Being from New Jersey that sounds pretty great.. at least you have crocodiles to play with.. all we have a zombies and crackheads

  • I've lived here in Tallahassee since 1998 and I can agree with just about everything in this video. The drivers here are pretty wild and it is very boring if you don't care for football like me. But I will say that all of the springs nearby make up for the lack of beaches nearby

  • The horrific crime rate is directly linked to the poverty which is also directly linked to the government corruption in the state capital. Every mayor in the past 20 years convicted of corruption. In 2000 local judges tried to overturn the US presidential election by changing Florida election law after the election until the US Supreme Court intervened. Local judges tried it again in the 2018 mid-terms until the US government intervened. Local judges constantly being removed for corruption. And the corruption flows downstream to the District Attorney office and police department. Only one major employer has moved here to provide jobs in the past 20 years. Otherwise kids graduate and flee the area.

  • I remember years ago some wanted to build a tourist attraction to bring in more cash, etc. But it was voted against because many of the older locals didn't want the traffic etc! So shortly after that they built wild adventures in Valdosta, GA so that's the Closest thing to fun there besides the fair when it come every yr. But over the yrs Tally has become pretty dangerous and you're right after college and you get older there really isn't much there to stay for anymore. It's a nice place if you're young, in school, or retired. My opinion



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