Top 100 Gamecube Games Ever In 10 Minutes (According to Metacritic)


The top 100 GameCube games, according to aggregator site Metacritic.

For each game, I’ve listed the rank, the title, the year it was published and its Metacritic score.

The full list can be found here:

Note that many games “tied” for a metacritic score; for example, there were 9 separate games that all scored 84. To be consistent, I listed them here in the same order that Metacritic does.

There are also a surprisingly high number of sports games on this list.

What was even more surprising, was the number of games published by EA. There are 37 EA games on this list; more than a third! For a company that gets so much hate, that’s pretty surprising.

Why Metacritic? Simple: after my last 2 “top 100” lists (which were compiled by IGN), there were many accusations of editorial bias by the IGN writers. So, going to metacritic should, in theory, eliminate editorial leanings of a single outlet.

Chances are that if you liked a game that’s not on this list, it was just critically not very well received.

For a more “general” unranked list of GameCube games, please see my other GameCube video


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  1. I really wanna know how the sports game industry goes about paying for fake reviews. They’ve been doing it since the dawn of the genre

  2. People are disliking the vid for the wrong reasons. All this fellow guy did was to make a compilation by basing the score on Metacritic, it's not his personal opinion.

  3. Note: for those of you who don't like Metacritic's rather … strange choices, I've created a video that I think more accurately represents the best of the GameCube library. So go watch that instead of wasting your time and complaining about Metacritic in these comments.

  4. It makes me mad that there are so many sports games, there are so many games that could've replaced most of the sports titles.


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