Top 7 Battle Royale Games By NetEase For Android/iOS


New best battle royale games by netease for Android & iOS 2019 l VinIsHere

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Netease have developed more of battle royale games than any other mobile game company so just wanna showcase them, you guys can take a good look & decide the best for ya

I have only showcased the one which are available, there are couple more upcoming which I will feature after they get released.

*Note:-I always record/edit each game myself you’re not allowed to reupload my content.

If you are new go on check my channel out I help people finding mobile games of their type made alot of video you guys will definitely like it



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  1. This game company has got to be the most shameless one of them all😆, literally all their games are rip offs

  2. Can anyone even download ride out legends because I can't it just says coming soon witch it's said for like a year now


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