I am sharing TRAVEL OUTFIT IDEAS in a brand new collection referred to as who, what, put on, the place: a digital journey vlog. On this video, I will be virturally “touring” to JACKSONVILLE, FL and I am getting the FLORIDA scoop from native knowledgeable Virginia. She shares the place to thrift in Jacksonville, the place to classic store in Jacksonville, the place to eat in Jacksonville, the place to seize espresso in Jacksonville and the place to remain in Jacksonville. Then I will plan to “journey” to Dallas and plan my journey outfits and take you thru my complete journey packing plan!

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Key: how giant is jacksonville florida

B. Jones Style


  • Not sure where everyone gets the idea that everyone in Jacksonville is retired. The average age here is 35.9 years!! It is a young, growing, vibrant city with great restaurants, beaches, tons to do! This really is not a resort town – you need to go a bit south to St Augustine for that. Attire in Jacksonville tends to be young, hip and trendy.

  • All 3 so inspiring! Beth you might love the documentary "The Last Resort" on Netflix about South Beach in the decades after WWII and the photographers who documented it. The styles are incredible. Anyway thanks for making me excited to travel again at some point!

  • This is my favourite! I will forever be dreaaaaming of the first look! Your ability to put looks together that are so eclectic and effortlessly fun and so fitting to the location, on it's own just takes me places 😫✨ Looking forward to more of these videos in this series!

  • I comment as I watch the video, so bear with me. That first outfit is literally PERFECTION. I love every single thing about it. Where do you get your amazing colorful socks? OMG stop it with the awesomeness! I got giddy seeing you add that Hawaiian short-sleeve jacket on top of the patterned pants. ♥♥ Hahaha! Laughing with glee for the third outfit…"the hat, why not." Amazing! I love it! So good, Beth. Thanks.

  • This was absolutely amazing! Love this. I wanna go to Jacksonville! 🤩💜❤️👌

  • Adore all the looks (is it your magic, or is it because I'd rather be in Florida than NY right now?!) My mother was an art teacher and always wore big "statement" costume jewelry and lots of color.

  • I love this new video series of who what where wear and your styling is so amazing and fun always!

  • I think you could pull off the city of "Numba "in Osaka Japan there street style is so cool one of my favorite cities I've visited

  • Beth …your husband must be a saint when you come out dressed like this. My husband laughs at me when I do a French tuck! He thinks that’s out there!🤗

  • I really like this new segment … although when next I'm able to travel to the States I'm going to have to have saved up big as I'll be ping ponging all over the country following the trail. Are we getting What I Wore back???? I love love love that segment and am missing it big time.

  • I really love Virginia's description and recommendations. It would be great if the guest can share a few of their favorite vintage finds and their favorite Instagram outfit that best represents the city they live in.

  • So inspiring. Again. Still.
    Another well executed video idea/styling concept.
    It makes me so happy to hear "from the bottom to the top". Every time. Its just so good. If you were ever taking votes for new designs- I would LOVE a "from the bottom to the top" B. Jones Style tshirt!

    Thank you again for the beauty.

  • Gahhhh! Obsessed with the thrifting look!!! Also so jealous of how great you look in all these huge glasses! I always want to wear them but I feel like they overpower my face. 😫 maybe I should try some Zennis anyways! You are a genius as always with the styling of everything!

  • Love the vlog content and thanks for sharing your eyeglasses. I’m going to get at least 1 if not 2. Lol. My weakness.

  • This is such a great theme for content on your channel. Those glasses remind me of a mature lady that was always photograph at the runway shows, I think she was what they call a fashion editor. My favorite look was the Chanel blazer with cream wide leg pants. Second look coming in close was the graphic print pants with the close matching top over the polka dot blouse. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you and all in the days to come.

  • Loved that second look on you Beth! Such a fun idea for a series too… thanks for the video ❤️!

  • I have to tell you that I think this is my FAVORITE series you have ever done Beth! It’s just soooo much fun “visiting” the different destinations with you. Love seeing your take on that local style. Yes girl, go all around the GLOBE…. we all need the diversion.❤️❤️❤️

  • I really enjoyed your video. Great channel. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Greetings from Albania. 👋🏼🇦🇱

  • Hey Beth, Love those oversized Zenni frames!!! 😍 Must confess I miss the intimacy of your shoots in your bedroom. Thanks for taking us away to Jacksonville!

  • Great info here! We have some fun things to do here in Tucson, Arizona where I live, but I am hoping to get out and see and do more post-quarantine. Thanks for sharing! Great channel! I’m following!



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