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Our newest video of Jacksonville right here https://youtu.be/gNUK5HbgRmw
. We can display the encompassing spaces of JAX, the coastal spaces of JAX Bch, Neptune Seashore, Fernandina Seashore, as will because the downtown spaces of Riverside, Brooklyn, the South Financial institution. It is going to display the proof, that Jacksonville is rising, possibly no longer as fast as Tampa or Miami, however some excellent issues taking place.

It is a using video with Aerial Pictures. Inventory Pictures of this video is to be had, touch us at information@TampaAerialMedia.com

We begin at I-95 on the north finish of the I-295 Beltway and commute into downtown Jacksonville for a excursion, then proceed on I-95 to the south finish of the I-295 Beltway. In the future at some point we can do a complete function on Jacksonville and the encompassing spaces.

We titled this video “Town in Ready”. After demolishing Jacksonville Touchdown, Jacksonville is alittle quiet. They have got had a few trends fall thru. After doing Tampa who is definitely into creating their waterfront spaces, you are feeling alittle bit for the town of Jacksonville, there may be undoubtedly alittle little bit of unhappiness. I do imagine then again, excellent issues are at some point for this rising southeastern town. Jaguars proprietor Shadid Khan, I imagine will supply that spark to re-energize downtown. They’re anticipated to start out building in 2021 of a building alongside the waterfront that can attach the city core to the sports activities and leisure complicated. I used to be alittle stunned that each one they have got deliberate for the web site of the previous Jacksonville touchdown is a city park. Alternatively the downtown space has an excessive amount of potentional with the St Johns River and I imagine despite the fact that possibly 5 or extra years in the back of Tampa, it is going to quickly develop into a well-liked vacationer vacation spot.

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  • Thank you for coming and making this amazing overview! I hope you liked it here!

  • not anymore Tampa Aerial Media

    Jax, has surpassed Charlotte, by about 23k people

    Duval County, now reigns supreme in the South ! ( that's word to Leonard Fournette )

  • There is a shit ton of people who are stuck driving in the left lane, when a faster vehicle comes up behind you, MOVE OVER

  • My cousin lives here we were suppose to visit her Friday to next Friday but someone got tested positive so I cancelled our tickets my daughter is not so happy about it and neither am I because we were going to Disney world but the past is the past I just got the news today

  • I live in Jacksonville FL born and raised and I just went to a concert at the Florida theatre here in downtown

  • If you stop in this town you will not make out.It sucks the life out of you.Expect a not so welcoming town either.They enjoy giving not just new comers,but their own a hard time.Go elsewhere, this is a real life nightmare.

  • Beautiful weather IMO.
    But what's with American cities?
    Every city in America: look at my beautiful freeways 🤣🤣🤣

  • read the comments section guys, we cant all be lying, jax is actually a shithole. The beaches are decent but thats it. There's 1 trendy area in downtown thats reasonably safe but other than that it's just an endless series of subdivisions sprawled from left to right. Everything is spread out and it takes forever to get from 1 to the next, there's nothing interesting "in between".

  • 🇿🇦🇺🇸🇧🇷🇺🇳🇪🇺🇨🇺🇷🇺🇨🇳 I support the agenda of the Republican Party of the United States of America.

  • Good thing the video of the actual driving is in fast speed to you can't really notice all the trash and remnants of tractor trailer tires and other debris on most of the roads here in Jacksonville!! I'm not sure exactly why it has gotten so bad but it's becoming a hazzard and an eyesore in my opinion!

  • One of the best traveling videos I've seen! Thanks! I've always said it seems like I-95 should be 4 lanes in each direction going through the downtown area.

  • Just avoid; HillTop, 103rd, Moncrief, 45th, certain parts of jax beach, Arlington area (especially between Arlington and Mill Creek), Eureka Gardens, and that one trailer park off Phillips highway like right before you get to Emerson.

    The Mandarin area is pretty nice, Ponte Vedra is safe, the Wendy Hill area isn't too bad but be careful at the liquor store on Beach and Peach across from the orange T Rex.

    There are no good public schools in Jacksonville. There are only not as bad schools. Sandalwood, Englewood, Terry Parker, and Ribault (?) Are pretty bad.

    This is not an all encompassing list but hopefully it increases your chances of survival.

  • Duval born and raised! Just recently moved to Gainesville because I couldn't take it in Jax anymore lol. Like someone else said, it's definitely a love hate relationship.

  • Sunny, uncrowded. Lots of beautiful verdant, wide open spaces and sparkling water
    It's cold, damp, dark and wet here in the middle of winter down here in New Zealand. If someone has a magic carpet, can they come and pick me up and drop me off in Jacksonville.
    I need to burn off the undefeated mould……

  • I’ll say one thing about Jacksonville… I always felt lucky to get out of there alive, which made me appreciate life more.

  • I don't know why…but the male-female ratio for any city is kinda funny, since people even consider it.

  • Wife and I want to move to Jax beach area. Anyone here live there any have anything to say about it?



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