Walker: "I was hoping it was the Jaguars from the get go." | 2022 NFL Draft | Press Conference

Travon Walker meets with the media after being drafted 1st total within the 2022 NFL draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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  • I worry that we will spend the first 4 years training him and we'll pick up his 5th year option and during that year he'll excel and become too expensive to re-sign. So, it's like we are training him for his next team meanwhile Hutchinson will be productive during the rookie contract and even if they can't afford to re-sign him after year 5 at least they got 5 years of good production out of him. I hope that Walker learns fast but am still very concerned about how much he'll do to help us finally win games. I'm sure he won't be as inept as Taven but our team needs people that can play well right away and can't afford to take chances on project players imo.

  • At the question around 8:45 sounded like he was about to answer that he had forgotten shad khans name 😂😂😂 I like him already

  • Awesommeeese!!! I love this dude! I swear our media asks THE most stupid questions!!

  • This dude crashed his car on purpose in hopes he would make his draft stock fall down and get drafted by a better team. He didn't even bother showing up to the actual draft and even worse him and his entire family looked very upset about the outcome of him being the #1 pick. He did not and does not want to play for Jacksonville and this will just be a pit stop to wherever he wants to go next. I will not be watching any Jaguars games this year. It sucks but oh well life moves on

  • Kudos to him for keeping cool after those obnoxious questions about the car accident. The dude is there to talk about football and his new team but 2 of the first 3 questions are about a car accident that happened over a week ago.

  • STFU about a fender bender. How many times and how many people are gonna ask him about? 🗑 move on

  • All I’m going to say is he’s not a Gator, so that’s a bonus to give us hope. I’m not going to judge him before he plays.

  • This man gonna be another Chaisson lol we haven’t learned anything. It should’ve been Hutch that was #1


  • why are we asking the same question about a bs finder bender ..damn our reporters suck

  • What a joke…guy gets drafted number one overall and the 2 of the first 3 questions are about a fender bender. Congrats Mr. Walker! Welcome to Duuuvaaallll!

  • I appreciate all the comments from these NFL experts in the comments, but I think I’ll just go with what his former teammates have to say about him.

  • And with the the 1st of the 2nd round, the Jacksonvilke Jaguars choose Bobby Boucher, Waterboy Southeast Louisiana Mud Dogs! Oh no, we suck again!

  • The Travon Walker pick shows that Jacksonville is tanking for 2023. What a horrible pick for #1 overall.

  • Worst case scenario is he'll be a Dante Fowler or Jadeveon Clowney. He'll likely be great against the run and make those splash plays, but not likely be a double digit sack guy. I don't hate the pick but it doesn't wow me either.



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