Weather in Jacksonville Florida? (St Johns County)

What is the Climate like in Jacksonville and St Johns County Florida? The elements from Jacksonville, FL right down to St. Augustine, FL could be very other from the remainder of the State of Florida. It is in fact a lot more gentle. Such a lot in order that you continue to get to put on your favourite jacket and sweater in iciness.

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jacksonville florida is in what county

Moving to Jacksonville Florida with Josh Rogers


  • How is the humidity all year long? I don't want to move to south FL because I remember the humidity being too much for me. Thanks

  • Which neighborhoods have the worst crime rates in Jacksonville? Which ones are most family-friendly?

  • I currently live in Palm Springs California. It's great in the winter months from mid September to mid June but the summer is brutal however other than late July to mid September when humidity comes up from Mexico and combines with 115 °
    I would prefer to live in Florida for price and taxes but I fear humidity and endless biting insects.
    Can you recommend a location in St John's county that are reasonable price and better weather than the remainder of the state.?

  • I’m moving from Chicago to the Riverside/Avondale neighborhood in a few weeks. Just accepted a job promotion that I’ve been eyeing up for over a year. Been waiting to get out of Chicago and escape the snow for a while.

  • Hi there! Just wondering for people living in St. Johns County, are there many choices for colleges in the area where you can just commute? Thanks!

  • Truly enjoy watching your videos. You have been incredibly helpful in my relocation.

  • Thanks for sharing. How is it over there during hurricane season? Are there any alligators along that park or have you seen any at that park? Thanks



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