What not to do when applying for Low Income Affordable Housing

This video is advising you what to not do when making use of for reasonably priced housing.

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  • Be careful. I have been in a HUD building for thirteen years. It is almost impossible to leave. The buildings fall in disrepair. I mean totally get it if that's your last choice, but I would pursue a Section eight housing. This will provide you a choice. Yearly inspections under sec 8 will help keep your landlord to maintain your apartment. But Please don't rip off a private landlord. Section 8 clients have a bad reputation.

  • So you get in because you can't afford normal rent ,then you get a better job or more income submit info after the first year then what?

  • What if I literally got a raise a week before my appt and I’m over a few hundred dollars.

  • Can they deny you if you have to much in your bank account? Even if u qualify based off what u make?

  • I barely got a job but the application says it has to be past 6 months so do I say I have no job?

  • Can a management office refuse to give you an extra fob key based on your household size? I ask because I have two autistic children and I have a babysitter and a respite worker come to care for my kids while I am at work. They need a key to enter the building. How can I fight to get this key?

  • Good morning queen, I have questions about my last name was recently changed after I was contacted by housing connect to submitted my documents. However I just opened bank account last month with my new last name and my documents is in process with my old last name please what can I do thank you

  • The system is broken people go for homeownership and build wealth its not worth the application.

  • Quiero llenar una aplicación de housing HUD yo vivo actualmente bajo ese programa quiero mudarme a Manhattan City

  • What if you are having trouble remembering accurate information and you make honest mistakes not fraudulent but 100 % honest mistakes trying to remember accurate information to public housing then what happens?

  • Yeah it’s definitely not good to LIE because especially when you in a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HOUSING. That’s happing to me too, so yes that’s committed FAURD, it will catch on soon. They not bothered you but it will catch on one day. You must tell them your in college, because Finicial aide counts as an income, employment verification they will know to. Trust me your social security number tells you everything. Yes you can be evicted from your home. The lord wants you to tell the the truth. Please don’t lie. All that is federal assistances don’t get into trouble that’s all I can say, you cannot get help such as section8, working full time, being a full time student such as grants, scholarships, federal income and such on and on. This happened to me and my sis in the past we had it to fight the situation, we told them we was in college because we not gonna lie. You can get a letter from the court house without even noticing

  • I've changed employers reported it now I have to pay 715 I was paying 260 mind u I'm part time at new job employed by old job but not working it I can't afford my rent

  • I would rather lie and be evicted than to have no housing at all. It's definitely worth it. It's cold outside.

  • Im a Senior and disabled. I was semi-evicted in Philadelphia. A vindictive landlord locked me out for 3 days. For being $200 behind. I got a legal aid, paid the late payments and court costs and I was let back in. Now I have a mark on my housing record. When I went to apply for another apartment, I was rejected because of this so-called eviction. I really want to move, but Im afraid to apply again.
    What can I do?

  • I'm new at this an I don't know how to go about getting something r somewhere I would be happy with

  • If you are disabled and you can show a nexus, can you make a reasonable accommodation on a rule that hud has?

  • Because scamers always get approved noone ever goes after them as hard as others and if they do they just get reinstated later "Welfare Queens" but people who need it get denied or get that never ended waiting list. How is it the child support system is so perfect on tracking income but the section 8 HUD has been around way longer and still not good at it unless its a man. The man who got kicked out of his apartment a Welfare Queen probably told him to do it because look at me I'm balling over here for many years🤔

  • Is it ok if i make money from youtube money while I’m low income or will it affect me and my parents? Pls answer 🙏

  • Great content! Can you please purchase a good microphone instead of using the built in Laptop mic

  • This video would of been half is long if ya didnt repeat everything you said constantly.

  • I definitely would not jeopardize an opportunity like that people be buggin smh taking an opportunity like that away from someone who really needs it

  • How can I get into low income or section 8 in Kissimmee Florida I can't find out my self

  • Can a person from a different state apply? I’ve lived in NYC for 4 years but currently live in va am I eligible?

  • hi im almost 18 with basically no cresit and a student with around 1300 a month. is there anything you would recommend me to do?

  • If I filled out the questionnaire and submitted it after being selected, but didn’t upload any documents will they withdraw it ?

  • Thank you because I was looking for a three bedroom apartment for low income and I've been looking around so many times to see can I find some but I never could because there was nothing around looking for a place for me and my kids

  • Hey good night I’m going through the process now and I have to summit some documents and one of the documents are a utilities bill with a notarized letter but I don’t pay any bills in my house. So is the utilities bill is Proof of address and when I write the letter, do I state I don’t bay bay bills in the house? I need help fast.

  • I’m looking at moving out at 18 because my parents are extremely toxic I have police reports of my parents kicking me out putting move on passes on me and the police asked me to take the move on pass and go to the welfare system to show them my parents are kicking me out

  • Is the affordable housing tax credit ran by goverment or private company? The reason I ask I know this lady who is living in a low income apartment and makes a lot. Do they only see income you show them and don`t know about other incomes or assets because she always brags. She says her roomate doesn`t have a job. Do they not know if people really work or not?

  • I was making 8.50 when I moved into my hud apartment 7 months well I got a better job making 12.00 everybody I know here is like don’t tell them your making more keep your rent low well they do do yearly evaluations here to renew your lease well I went and came clean to my landlord about what I was making and she was very proud of me for telling the truth cause she told me peoples lied at the income they was making and then it changed when they moved in and didn’t say anything

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  • I came to US because a family petition in which my mother is the sponsor not only for me but my wife and two daughters, I would like to know, can I apply for one of these apartments, I mean, will this application cause any problem for me and my family in the future?, I'm asking this because I have heard that you are not supposed to received any kind of help from government if you have an sponsor. Thanks!

  • Can I qualify for section 8 if I have money in the bank
    If anyone know the answer please let me know

  • i am a human trafficking victim and kawartha lakes is NOT taking my situation seriously my life is in danger i had to leave toronto to hide from my pimp and now hes been msging me threatening me everything what do i do

  • I just got contacted by a property manager from affordable housing I’m currently in a cna program and don’t have any income besides my daughter getting ssi at the moment. My classes are over in less than a week will I still qualify

  • You know how I can get a bigger apartment? I’ve been waiting for 8 years and I’m on the waitlist other places. My apartment has mold and leaks.



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