When City Planning in Cities Skylines floods Atlantis


All great civilizations must come to an end, even those that were created 20 minutes ago.

Thank you for watching City Planning in Cities Skylines. Here’s to where the future takes us!

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  1. It's time for the finale. I hope everyone's enjoyed my City Planning series! Much like the Bob Family Household, I'd like to take a break and recharge before coming back for more. I'm really keen on playing the game's expansion content more, but I want to take time to properly understand these before streaming again. The way I see it, this will enable me to do even more things to my cities – just like how we set up The Hunger Games and the Thanos Snap through the Sims before. I hope that makes sense, and I'll see you all with some new games soon!

  2. The usa has Tim hortons now and were sorry, we tried to contain Tim, he was too powerful, the sacrafices became to much to handle, we failed. Sorry.

  3. If RTGame builds a city: Pokemon Black and White game soundtrack and other innocent tunes

    If RTGame destroys a city:
    C O U N T R Y R O A D S I N T E N S I F I E S

  4. 4:55–5:40 a very wholesome moment that reins true to this day (nearly 2 years since RT started doing variety content): a little heart-to-heart about how surreal it is that he can make a career out of doing what he loves followed by chat being half love hearts and half screaming for blood: a perfect summary of our community <3


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