"Would You Rather Date A Conservative Or A Liberal?" (Jacksonville, FL)

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“Would You Reasonably Date A Conservative Or A Liberal?” (Jacksonville, FL)

Comply with @adamfrancisco as he travels the world over together with his cameras and naturally his 2 canine Raindrop & Cloud.





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Key: what are you able to do in jacksonville florida

Adam Francisco


  • It's amazing how conservatives can't enjoy their 1st amendment rights. I can't believe security asked you to leave because of your Trump gear. Why are liberals trying to divide our country? What's their overall agenda?

  • After seeing this and the Dallas video FL needs to help out TX a lot. Keep up the good work Adam.

  • Great to hear young women are waking up! I just heard today June 19th, on The WarRoom a Dr Don Colbert he said men’s Testosterone use to be 2,500! In the 90’s they lowered the range to 500 and today!? Wait for it…… 264!!! Yes men are becoming women! Me and my girlfriends are always talking about men aren’t really manly anymore and we are so damn happy we ain’t single. The dr said, it’s the water, SOY, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, “He went on a few times to say don’t eat tofu” he basically said, y’all men are being robbed! If your male or raising males you should go look him up. He has been studying this for over 30 years! Since you see from this video that women still prefer real men I thought 💭 people maybe interested in knowing.
    In my opinion I think they are trying to take our men so we can’t fight back! Why else would they be doing it? 🤷‍♀️
    Great question and great video I enjoyed it. Thank you, and Happy Jun… naw I’m just messing with ya!

  • Great topic. Really gives us an idea which areas are worth visiting/moving to vs. which areas to avoid like the plague. Please survey more areas with these types of questions!

  • Jacksonville gives me hope. I was expecting you to find all kinds of Biden support.

  • No way in hell would I ever date a liberal man!😝 I ❤️ this country too much 🇺🇲

  • Hay Adam, know you read the comments, question, if you are a west coast guy, and have had it with California and are thinking of moving to Florida, where would a young Trump supporter who needs to get away from liberals but still wants to party move to. I have had recommendations of both St. Augustine or St Petersburg, still both look liberal. Women in Tampa look nice but East coast seems younger and cleaner and not as much humidity, what say you?

  • So If conservative men are where it's at, why did you spend so much time knocking and criticizing the Monster truck owners in your Daytona Truck week video? Those ain't liberals driving those trucks. We might have small penises but we also have deep pockets…… With my monster truck I could buy 3 of your Honda accords….. I normally like your video but you were way off on the Truck week my friend.

  • Those 3 black girls… They were happy about Biden becoming president, it's just that they don't like a single thing about him.. Truly bizarre.

  • All the left has to offer the American people is Racism, Hate, Doom, Gloom, Fear, Suffering, Riots, Mass Shootings, Child Trafficking, Illegal Immigration, Wars, Funding Terrorist Groups, High Gas Prices, High Food Prices, High Drug Prices, High Taxes, Killing Babies, Killing Jobs, Bigger Government, Massive Regulations, Cyberattacks, False Flags, Destroying the Economy, and getting rid of the 1st and 2nd amendments… Oh, and the upcoming Food Shortages and Climate and Covid Lockdowns.

  • I 've been waiting for this MOMENT 😃 because I am a conservative .We know this days being a CONSERVATIVE/PATRIOT😭 🇺🇸 is VERY very BAD and being a LIBERAL is Very very Excellent for the 😆👎Lefty Triggered Weirdos.



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